2017 Programme

25th January – AGM – Jacqueline Aviolet – History of the Sandwich

22nd February – Chris Saunders – How it all Began

Comp:  I wander Lonely

22nd March – To be confirmed

Comp:  A design with a Fan

26th April – Helen Bird – Take a Blank Canvas

Comp:  Stained Glass

 24th May – Eleanor Bracken – Thinking of Holidays

Comp:  Beatles Song – to be named

28th June – Susan Tausig – Made with Love

Comp:  Diamonds and Pearls

26th July – Sachiko Pearce – Floral Theatre

Comp:  A play – to be named

 23rd August – Jane Haas – Green Fingers

Comp:  All Foliage Arrangement

 27th September – Graham Harmer – September Song

Comp:  Landscape

 25th October – Theresa Rodrigues – From Room to Bloom

Comp:  Harvest

22nd November – Kathy Stangaard – Joyous Noel

Comp:  Christmas Table Design